Abkhazian Orthodox Church

The Abkhazian Orthodox Church (Russian: Абхазская Православная церковь) is an Eastern Orthodox church outside the official Eastern Orthodox ecclesiastical hierarchy. It came into existence when the Sukhumi-Abkhazian Eparchy declared on 15 September 2009 that it no longer considered itself part of the Georgian Orthodox Church and that it was "re-establishing the Catholicate of Abkhazia disbanded in 1795".[2] Vissarion Aplaa is the Primate of the Abkhazian Orthodox Church since 2009 and is the self-proclaimed catholicos of the Church. It has two eparchies (dioceses) in Pitsunda and Sukhumi and is organized in 9 parishes.

Abkhazian Orthodox Church
Абхазская Православная церковь
Pitsunda Cathedral, or St. Andrew the Apostle Cathedral, main seat of the Abkhazian Orthodox Church
TypeEastern Orthodox
ClassificationIndependent Eastern Orthodox
PrimateVissarion Aplaa
Monasteries2 [1]
LanguageAbkhaz, Russian
Independence15 September 2009
Separated fromGeorgian Orthodox Church
Official websiteaiasha.ru
Abkhazian Orthodox Church in Sukhumi, capital of Abkhazia