Acarnania (Greek: Ἀκαρνανία) is a region of west-central Greece that lies along the Ionian Sea, west of Aetolia, with the Achelous River for a boundary, and north of the gulf of Calydon, which is the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth. Today it forms the western part of the regional unit of Aetolia-Acarnania. The capital and principal city in ancient times was Stratos. The north[1] side of Acarnania of the Corinthian Gulf was considered part of the region of Epirus.

Region of Ancient Greece
Ruins of amphitheatre, Stratos
Map of ancient Acarnania
LocationWestern Greece
Major citiesStratos

Acarnania's foundation in Greek mythology was traditionally ascribed to Acarnan, son of Alcmaeon.

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