Action of Faial

The action of Faial or the Battle of Faial Island was a naval engagement that took place on 22–23 June 1594 during the Anglo-Spanish War in which the large and rich 2,000 ton Portuguese carrack Cinco Chagas was destroyed by an English fleet after a long and bitter battle off Faial Island in the Azores. The carrack, which was reputedly one of the richest ever to set sail from the Indies, was lost in an explosion which denied the English, as well as the Portuguese and Spanish, the riches.[1][5]

Action of Faial
Part of the Anglo–Spanish War

Faial Island, off which the action was fought
Date22–23 June 1594
Off Faial Island, Azores, Atlantic Ocean
Result English victory[1][2]

Iberian Union

Commanders and leaders
Francisco de Melo Canaveado Earl of Cumberland
1 carrack of 2,000 tons,
700 men
3 galleons of 250–300 tons
420 sailors
Casualties and losses
1 carrack destroyed
600 killed or wounded[3]
13 survived/captured
60 killed or wounded (35 killed in explosion)[4]

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