Addison-Wesley is an American publisher of textbooks and computer literature. It is an imprint of Pearson PLC, a global publishing and education company. In addition to publishing books, Addison-Wesley also distributes its technical titles through the Safari Books Online e-reference service. Addison-Wesley's majority of sales derive from the United States (55%) and Europe (22%).[1]

Parent companyPearson Education
Founded1942; 79 years ago (1942)
FounderLew Addison Cummings, Melbourne Wesley Cummings
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationBoston
Publication typesTextbooks
Nonfiction topicsComputer Science, Economics, Finance, Mathematics, and Statistics
Fiction genrestextbooks
Official (school), (higher education), (professional)

The Addison-Wesley Professional Imprint produces content including books, eBooks, and video for the professional IT worker including developers, programmers, managers, system administrators. Classic titles include The Art of Computer Programming, The C++ Programming Language, The Mythical Man-Month, and Design Patterns. Addison-Wesley Professional is also a partner with Safari Books Online.

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