Administrative divisions of the Republic of Artsakh

The administrative divisions of the Republic of Artsakh are of two types; provinces and cities. There are six provinces and one special administrative city - the capital of the Republic.[1]

Regions of the Republic of Artsakh
Շրջանները Լեռնային Ղարաբաղի Հանրապետության
(Shrjannerë Lernayin Gharabaghi Hanrapetut'yan) (Armenian)
Provinces of the Republic of Artsakh.
Solid colors: Soviet-era NKAO controlled by Artsakh;
shaded white: not part of NKAO, Artsakh-ruled;
horizontal stripes: Azerbaijani-ruled, claimed by Artsakh
CategoryUnitary state
LocationRepublic of Artsakh
Number6 Provinces
1 Special status city
Populations2,560 (Shahumyan) – 49,986 (Stepanakert)
Areas26 km2 (9.9 sq mi) (Stepanakert) – 3,380 km2 (1,304 sq mi) (Kashatagh)
  • Urban community, Rural community

Municipalities in Artsakh are divided into 2 categories: urban communities and rural communities. Before the 2020 war, there were 10 towns (urban) and 322 villages (rural) in Artsakh.[2]

Administrative divisions

Province Population
(2005 census)[3]
Area (km2) Capital Map
Martakert Province2
Askeran Province2
Martuni Province2
Shushi Province2
Hadrut Province1
Shahumyan Province1
Kashatagh Province1
1 Totally under Azerbaijani control.
2 Partially under Azerbaijani control.

Azerbaijan divisions and claimed territories

Former Soviet Shahumyan district and the territory known as "Getashen subdistrict" where Shahumyan Province was originally formed

Before the Artsakh republic was established, the territory was organized by the Republic of Azerbaijan into a number of rayons (districts).[citation needed] Artsakh extended its provinces across the border of the former Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast (NKAO), removing the administrative distinction between the two areas.[4] The following districts, which were not part of the NKAO but were in Azerbaijan proper, were completely within the de facto borders of Artsakh before the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war: Lachin, Qubadli, Zangilan, Jabrayil, Kalbajar. Additionally, parts of the following districts were partly under the control of Artsakh: Agdam District and Fuzuli District.

Former Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast
District (Rayon) Area (km2) Under NKR control (km2)  %
Askeran District 928 860 93
Hadrut District 679 0 0
Mardakert District 1,705 1,475 87
Martuni District 792 447 56
Shusha District 280 169 60
NKAO 4,384 2,951 67

Pre-2020 war

Regions of Artsakh before the 2020 war:
1: Martakert; 2: Askeran; 3: Stepanakert (city); 4: Martuni; 5: Shushi; 6: Hadrut; 7: Shahumyan; 8: Kashatagh
(Vertical dashed lines indicate territory outside of the former Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast and Shahumyan Region. Horizontal dashed lines indicate territory under the control of Azerbaijan before the war.)

Before the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, there were seven provinces. The districts of Azerbaijan surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh that were administered by Artsakh were: Lachin District, Qubadli District, Zangilan District, Jabrayil District and Kalbajar District, as well as parts of Agdam, and Fuzuli District. On the other hand, the eastern ends of Martakert and Martuni were under Azerbaijani control.

Former Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast
District (Rayon) Area (km2) Under NKR control (km2)  %
Askeran District 928 928 100
Hadrut District 679 679 100
Mardakert District 1,705 1,571 92
Martuni District 792 632 80
Shusha District 280 280 100
NKAO 4,384 4.090 93
Rayons of Azerbaijan SSR other than in NKAO
Southern part of Goranboy District 558 0 0
Kalbajar District 1,936 1,936 100
Lachin District 1,835 1,835 100
Qubadli District 802 802 100
Zangilan District 707 707 100
Jabrayil District 1,050 1,050 100
Fuzuli District 1,390 462 33.2
Agdam District 1,150 842 73.2
Azerbaijan 8,870 7,634 86.1

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