Aivar Pohlak

Aivar Pohlak (born 19 October 1962 in Tallinn, Republic of Estonia) is an Estonian football official, a former football player (striker), referee, and football coach.[1][2] Since March 2007, he has been the President of the Estonian Football Association (EJL)[1] after being its Vice President for four years.[3]

President of the Estonian Football Association Aivar Pohlak at the opening of the stadium of Võru Sports Center, 2009.

In 1990, Pohlak founded the FC Flora, a professional football club, based in Tallinn, Estonia.[4] In 1997, he founded the FC Kuressaare, a football club based in Kuressaare, Estonia,[5] whose current manager is his son Pelle Pohlak. In the same year, he also began to build the Lilleküla's sports stadium (also called A. Le Coq Arena) which opened in 2001.[5]

Pohlak received a national award for his work in 2002.[3] He holds a degree of the Tallinn University of Technology.[6][3] He also was a children’s author in former times.[2]


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