Aksai Chin

Aksai Chin is a region administered by China as part of its Xinjiang and Tibet autonomous regions (mostly as part of Hotan County, Hotan Prefecture in Xinjiang[2]), and claimed by India as a part of its Union Territory of Ladakh. It is a part of the eastern portion of the Kashmir region and has been a subject of dispute between India and China since the late 1950s.[3]

Aksai Chin
Region administered by China as part of Xinjiang and Tibet
Sign for a Chinese Army service station in Tianshuihai, Aksai Chin
A map of the disputed Kashmir region showing the Chinese-administered territory of Aksai Chin
Coordinates: 35.0°N 79.0°E / 35.0; 79.0
Administered byChina
Claimed byIndia
  Total38,000 km2 (14,700 sq mi)