Albany, New Zealand

Albany (Māori: Ōkahukura)[3] is one of the northernmost suburbs of the contiguous Auckland metropolitan area in New Zealand. It is located to the north of the Waitematā Harbour, 15 kilometres (9 mi) northwest of the Auckland city centre. The suburb is in the Albany ward, one of the thirteen administrative divisions of Auckland Council. One of the city's newest suburbs, it was until relatively recently a town in its own right, and still has a feeling of not being truly a part of the city, which lies predominantly to the southeast of it. Much of the land to the north of Albany is still semi-rural.

Albany Ōkahukura  (Māori)
A drawing (looking from the northwest) of how the Albany Town Centre could theoretically be built up if all development were carried out to the maximum allowed around 2006
Coordinates: 36.727°S 174.698°E / -36.727; 174.698
CountryNew Zealand
Local authorityAuckland Council
Electoral wardAlbany ward
Local boardUpper Harbour Local Board
  Land986 ha (2,436 acres)
 (June 2021)
Busway station(s)Albany busway station
Dairy Flat Okura Long Bay
Albany Ōkahukura  (Māori)
Paremoremo Rosedale Unsworth Heights

The Māori name for the area was Okahukura (literally, 'place of rainbows' or 'place of butterflies').[citation needed] The town was originally known as Lucas Creek. By 1890 it was a fruit-growing area and in that year it was renamed 'Albany' after the fruit-growing district called 'Albany' in Australia, pronounced with a short 'a' as in Albert.[4][5] The name Albany derives from Alba (Gaelic for Scotland) and its Latinisation.

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