Albert of Vercelli

Albert of Jerusalem (Albertus Hierosolymitanus, also Blessed Albert, Albert of Vercelli or Alberto Avogadro;[1] died 14 September 1214) was a canon lawyer. He was Bishop of Bobbio and Bishop of Vercelli, and served as mediator and diplomat under Pope Clement III. Innocent III appointed him Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1204 or 1205. In Jerusalem, he contributed the Carmelite Rule of St. Albert to the newly-founded Carmelite Order. He is honoured as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church and commemorated by the Carmelites on 17 September.[2]


Albert of Jerusalem
Patriarch of Jerusalem
Law-Giver of Carmel
BornGualtieri, Italy
Died14 September 1214
Acre, Kingdom of Jerusalem
Venerated inCatholic Church