Aldridge Foundation

The Aldridge Foundation is a British educational charity which focusses on creating social change and community regeneration opportunities through enterprise and entrepreneurship, to help young people to reach their potential and improve their communities. It is based in London.[1]

Aldridge Foundation
Founded10 January 2006 (2006-01-10)
TypeMulti-academy trust
Registration no.05670663 (Aldridge Education)
  • 8 City Road, London, EC1Y 2AA [1]
Key people
Brent Thomas
UID 2096

The Aldridge Foundation was registered as a charity in 2006 by Sir Rod Aldridge, after he retired from the business he founded, Capita.[2] Over 10 years it developed a family of sponsored academy schools in England. In 2016 it established Aldridge Education, a multi-academy trust and the body now responsible for Aldridge schools, which educate students from primary to secondary and sixth form level. All of the schools are non-selective. The Trust is also a co-sponsor of a University Technical College, which has university and employer lead sponsors.[3]

Aldridge Education schools

All Aldridge schools are regularly inspected by Ofsted.[4] Alongside this, the Aldridge Foundation have also developed their own 'Quality Framework' which is used to support performance improvement.[5]

The schools are:[1]

In 2015, Darwen Aldridge Community Academy was named the Lancashire Telegraph's Secondary School of the Year[14] and in the same year was one of twelve schools from across Europe which won the Entrepreneurial School of the Year Award.[15]

University Technical Colleges

Former colleges


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