Alliance (Sweden)

The Alliance (Swedish: Alliansen), formerly the Alliance for Sweden (Allians för Sverige), was a centre-right[3] liberal-conservative political alliance in Sweden. The Alliance consisted of the four centre-right political parties in the Riksdag. The Alliance was formed while in opposition, and later achieved a majority government in the 2006 general election and a minority government in the 2010 general election, governing Sweden from 2006 to 2014 with Fredrik Reinfeldt of the Moderate Party serving as Prime Minister of Sweden until 2014. The Alliance was co-chaired by every component party's individual leaders.

The Alliance
ModerateFredrik Reinfeldt
Anna Kinberg Batra
Ulf Kristersson
CentreMaud Olofsson
Annie Lööf
Christian DemocratsGöran Hägglund
Ebba Busch
LiberalsLars Leijonborg
Jan Björklund
Founded31 August 2004
Dissolved11 January 2019
IdeologyLiberalism (C/L)[1]
Conservatism (KD)[1]
Liberal conservatism (M)[2]
Political positionCentre-right[3]
Colors  Orange
178 / 349
173 / 349
141 / 349
143 / 349

After defeat in the 2014 Swedish general election, the Moderate Party's parliamentary group leader Anna Kinberg Batra announced to the Riksdag that the political alliance "would operate in opposition". On 11 January 2019, during the 2018–2019 Swedish government formation, the Centre Party and Liberals agreed to tolerate the re-election as Prime Minister of Social Democratic incumbent Stefan Löfven.[4] Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson and Christian Democrat leader Ebba Busch denounced the agreement, with Busch calling the Alliance "a closed chapter".[5]

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