Alliance Films

Alliance Films (formerly Alliance Entertainment, Alliance Communications, Alliance Atlantis Releasing Ltd, Motion Picture Distribution LP and also known as Alliance Vivafilm in Quebec and also known simply as Alliance) was a Canadian motion picture distribution and production company, which had served Canada, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

Alliance Films, Inc.
FormerlyAlliance Entertainment
Alliance Communications
Alliance Atlantis Releasing Ltd
Motion Picture Distribution LP
IndustryDistribution and production
Founded1984 (original)
2007 (relaunch as a result of Alliance Atlantis collapse)
Defunct1998; 24 years ago (1998)
2013; 9 years ago (2013)
Fate1998: Merged with Atlantis to form Alliance Atlantis Communications
2013: Acquired by Entertainment One
SuccessorAlliance Atlantis Communications (1998)
Entertainment One (2013)
HeadquartersMontreal, Quebec, Canada[1]
ProductsFilm distribution, home video
Revenue$250m CAD
Number of employees
450 (2013)
SubsidiariesMaple Pictures
Momentum Pictures
Aurum Producciones

Because Entertainment One acquired Alliance Films on January 9, 2013, it was dissolved into that company. It was one of the major motion picture companies to distribute independent films outside the United States and other countries.

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