Alliance of European Republican Movements

The Alliance of European Republican Movements (AERM) is a grouping of republican movements from across Europe. It was established in Stockholm in June 2010,[1] after the wedding of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling.[2][3] The aim of the AERM is to provide a network for cross-party republican movements in all the countries of Europe that have a monarch as their head of state, in order to share information, resources and ideas and provide mutual assistance.[2] Each member organisation will retain their autonomous national campaigns however, in recognition of their particular political and constitutional circumstances.

Alliance of European Republican Movements
Formation19 June 2010
PurposeAdvocacy of republicanism
Region served

There are currently twelve extant monarchies in Europe. AERM has member organisations in seven of these: Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The AERM protested against the wedding of British Prince William and Catherine Middleton on 29 April 2011 in London, and planned to meet each year thereafter.[4][5]

Member organisations

  • Belgium: The Republican Circle (CRK), variously known in the three official languages of Belgium as Cercle républicain, Republikeinse Kring and Republikanischer Kreis.
  • Denmark: Republik nu (formerly DRGB or Den Republikanske Grundlovsbevægelse or The Republican Constitional Movement), launched in 2010.
  • Netherlands: There are two groups campaigning for a republic in the Netherlands affiliated to AERM. One is the New Republican Society (NRG), and the other is Pro Republica.
  • Norway: The Norwegian republican group Foreningen Norge Som Republikk or Norway As Republic Association was founded in March 2011 in Oslo.
  • Spain: In Spain the member organisation of AERM is Red Inter-Civico Republicana, a group that seeks to draw together the various strands of Spanish republicanism to campaign for the Spanish Third Republic.
  • Sweden: The Republikanska Föreningen or Swedish Republican Association campaigns for a republic in Sweden based on the Finnish model.
  • United Kingdom: The main republican organisation in Britain is Republic, reinvented as a campaigning pressure group in 2006.

AERM Conventions

  • 2010: Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2011: London, United Kingdom
  • 2012: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2013: Brussels, Belgium
  • 2014: Oslo, Norway
  • 2015: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2016: Madrid, Spain[6]
  • 2017: Västerås, Sweden[7]
  • 2018: London, United Kingdom[8]
  • 2019: Copenhagen, Denmark

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