Alpes Cottiae

The Alpes Cottiae (Latin pronunciation: [ˈaɫpeːs ˈkɔttɪ.ae̯]; English: 'Cottian Alps') were a small province of the Roman Empire founded in 63 AD by Nero. It was one of the three provinces straddling the Alps between modern France and Italy, along with the Alpes Graiae et Poeninae and Alpes Maritimae.

Provincia Alpes Cottiae
Province of the Roman Empire
63 AD–476 AD

The Roman Empire ca. AD 125, with the province of Alpes Cottiae highlighted.
Historical eraAntiquity
 Created by Nero
63 AD
 Deposition of Romulus Augustulus
476 AD
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Italy (476-493)
Today part of France

The capital of the province was Segusio (modern Susa, Piedmont). Other important settlements were located at Eburodunum and Brigantio (Briançon).[1] Named after the 1st-century BC ruler of the region, Marcus Julius Cottius, the toponym survives today in the Cottian Alps.[2]