University of applied sciences (Finland)

An ammattikorkeakoulu (yrkeshögskola in Swedish, polytechnic or university of applied sciences in English), abbreviated AMK, is a Finnish institution of higher education.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Tikkurila, Vantaa

The term literally means "school of higher vocational education". Although the term is often translated into English as "polytechnic", the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and the Rectors' Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences use the term "university of applied sciences".[1][2]

Unlike universities, AMKs focus on R&D by applying previous knowledge, rather than producing new research. They have a statutory objective in regional development. As there is mandatory five-month practical training for all students, AMKs are a platform for dispersing applied knowledge throughout higher education. AMKs provide professionals for locally important purposes and are often governed by the municipality, though they receive most of the funding from the state. No tuition fees are asked from the students from EU/EEA. Students from other countries are obliged to pay.

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