Amphictyonic league

In Archaic Greece, an amphictyony (Greek: ἀμφικτυονία), a "league of neighbors", or amphictyonic league, was an ancient religious[1] association of tribes[2] formed before the rise of the Greek poleis. The six Dorian cities of coastal southwest Anatolia, or the twelve Ionian cities to the north formed the Ionian League after a Meliac war in the mid-7th century BC.

An amphictyony consisting of polities under the aegis of Apollo's shrine at Delos was apparently well-established in the seventh century, as the Homeric Hymn to Delian Apollo of that approximate date lists them,[3] those cities and islands that trembled[4] and refused to offer themselves for the birthplace of Apollo when pregnant Leto went to each in turn; the Homeric hymn presents an origin myth for the cult of Apollo on Delos. The joint Ionian festival celebrated there was the Delia. The Delian Amphictyony arose in the 4th century BC as an instrument of Athenian hegemony.