Angelo Secchi

Angelo Secchi S.J. (Italian pronunciation: [ˈandʒelo ˈsekki]; 28 June 1818 – 26 February 1878) was an Italian Catholic priest, astronomer from the Italian region of Emilia.[1] He was director of the observatory at the Pontifical Gregorian University (then called the Roman College) for 28 years. He was a pioneer in astronomical spectroscopy, and was one of the first scientists to state authoritatively that the Sun is a star.

The Reverend Father

Angelo Secchi

ChurchLatin Church
Ordination12 September 1847
Personal details
Born(1818-06-28)28 June 1818
Died26 February 1878(1878-02-26) (aged 59)
Rome, Kingdom of Italy
AwardsLégion d'honneur, France
Scientific career
InstitutionsObservatory of the Roman College

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