Angola–Serbia relations

Angola–Serbia relations are foreign relations between Angola and Serbia. Both countries maintain diplomatic relations established between Angola and Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1975, following Angola's independence. Angola has an embassy in Belgrade, with ambassador Toko Diakenga Serao, and Serbia has an embassy in Luanda, Alvalade, with ambassador Danilo Milić.

Angola-Serbia relations




During the Angolan Civil War, Yugoslavia heavily aided the MPLA, providing military supplies, financial aid, and education for Angolan students and diplomatic training in Belgrade. While Soviet support for the MPLA was turbulent in the mid-1970s, Yugoslavia firmly and constantly aided in the MPLA struggle.[1] Close relations and joint cooperation continued through the Breakup of Yugoslavia, and Angola has expressed its strong support for Serbia on the issue of Kosovo.[2]


The Defence minister of Serbia, Dragan Šutanovac, stated in 2011 meeting in Luanda that Serbia is negotiating with the Angolan military authorities for the construction of a new military hospital in the Angola.[3]

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