Anime News Network

Anime News Network (ANN) is a news website that reports on the status of anime, manga, video games, Japanese popular music and other related cultures within North America, Australia, Southeast Asia and Japan. The website offers reviews and other editorial content, forums where readers can discuss current issues and events, and an encyclopedia that contains many anime and manga with information on Japanese and English staff, theme music, plot summaries, and user ratings.[3]

Anime News Network
Type of site
News and database
Available inEnglish
Created byJustin Sevakis and others[1]
RegistrationRequired for use of forums or contributing information
LaunchedAugust 21, 1998; 23 years ago (1998-08-21)[2]
Current statusActive

Founded in July 1998 by Justin Sevakis,[1] the site operated the magazine Protoculture Addicts from 2005 to 2008. The website has separate versions of its news content aimed toward audiences in four separate regions: the United States and Canada, Australia and New Zealand,[4] Southeast Asia,[5] and an international version.