Ankarcrona is a Swedish noble family originating from Christoffer Jakobsson, a German Protestant convert who immigrated to Sweden from Bohemia in the 17th century, and resided in Ronneby in Sweden. Two of his grandsons were ennobled, but these branches ceased in 1719 and 1750.

Place of origin Ronneby, Sweden
Estate(s)Runsa (sv:Runsa slott)
Portrait of Admiral Theodor Ankarcrona.

The now living branch stems from his third grandson, the assessor Jakob Christoffer in Karlskrona. He was ennobled in 1751.

Members in selection

  • Theodor Ankarcrona (1687–1750), Admiral, scientist
  • Jakob Christoffer Ankarkrona, ennobled in 1751.
  • Theodor Vilhelm Ankarcrona, father to Edvard Alexander and Henrik August
  • Edvard Alexander (Alexis) Ankarcrona (1825–1901) artist and military officer, brother of Henrik August
  • Henrik August Ankarcrona (1831–1917), military officer and painter.
  • Sten Johan Theodor Claes Ankarcrona (1861–1936) marine officer
  • Gustaf Ankarcrona (1869–1933), artist and scientist
  • Sten Sture Gustaf Ankarcrona, colonel