Anne de Gaulle

Anne de Gaulle (1 January 1928 – 6 February 1948) was the youngest daughter of General Charles de Gaulle and his wife, Yvonne. She was born in Trier, Germany, where her father was stationed with the Army of Occupation in the Rhineland.

Anne de Gaulle
Anne and her father Charles in 1933
Born(1928-01-01)1 January 1928
Trier, Germany
Died6 February 1948(1948-02-06) (aged 20)
Resting placeColombey-les-Deux-Eglises Parish Churchyard
Parent(s)Charles de Gaulle
Yvonne de Gaulle
RelativesPhilippe de Gaulle (brother)

She was born with Down syndrome and lived with her family until her death. De Gaulle's relatives all testified that the General, who was normally undemonstrative in his affections for his family, was more open and extroverted with Anne. He would entertain her with songs, dances, and pantomimes.[1]

The grave of Anne beside her parents

In October 1945, Yvonne de Gaulle bought the Château de Vert-Cœur at Milon-la-Chapelle (Yvelines), where they installed a private hospital for handicapped young girls: the Fondation Anne de Gaulle.

Anne died of pneumonia[2] on 6 February 1948, aged 20, at Colombey-les-Deux-Églises. Upon her death, her father said: "Now, she's like the others." ("Maintenant, elle est comme les autres.")[1]

On 22 August 1962, Charles de Gaulle was the victim of an attempted assassination at Petit-Clamart. He later said that the potentially fatal bullet had been stopped by the frame of the photograph of Anne that he always carried with him; placed this particular day on the rear shelf of his car. When he died in 1970, he was buried in the cemetery of Colombey beside his beloved daughter.

She is portrayed by Clémence Hittin in the 2020 film “De Gaulle”.


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