Annuario Pontificio

The Annuario Pontificio (Italian for Pontifical Yearbook) is the annual directory of the Holy See of the Catholic Church. It lists the popes in chronological order and all officials of the Holy See's departments. It also provides names and contact information for all cardinals and bishops, the dioceses (with statistics about each), the departments of the Roman Curia, the Holy See's diplomatic missions abroad, the embassies accredited to the Holy See, the headquarters of religious institutes (again with statistics on each), certain academic institutions, and other similar information. The index includes, along with all the names in the body of the book, those of all priests who have been granted the title of "Monsignor".

Annuario Pontificio
Annuario Pontificio 2008 edition.
AuthorLibreria Editrice Vaticana,
Secretary of State
CountryVatican City
GenreReference yearbook
PublisherHoly See
Publication date
Annual publication (1912-)
Media typeHardcover

The red-covered yearbook, compiled by the Central Office of Church Statistics and published by Libreria Editrice Vaticana, is mostly in Italian. The 2015 edition had more than 2,400 pages and cost €78.[1]

According to the Pontifical Yearbook of 2019, the number of Catholics in the world increased to 1,313,278,000 at the end of 2017.