Anti-MONUSCO protests

In late July 2022, anti-MONUSCO protests manifested in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The protests were against MONUSCO, the United Nations' peacekeeping force in the country, which has been accused by Congolese politicians and civilians of failing to take action to end the decades-old conflict within the country. The protestors demanded that MONUSCO leave the country.

Anti-MONUSCO protests
Anti-MONUSCO protests in the DR Congo
Part of the Kivu conflict
Anti-MONUSCO protests in Goma in July 2022.
Date25 July – c. 1 August 2022
  • Withdrawal of MONUSCO from the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Parties to the civil conflict

Anti-MONUSCO protestors

March 23 Movement (alleged by The North Africa Post)[1]
Lead figures
Death(s)36 overall[2]
Injuries170 overall[2]

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