Anthony, bastard of Burgundy

Antoine de Bourgogne (1421 5 May 1504), known to his contemporaries as the Bastard of Burgundy or Le grand bâtard ("the Great Bastard"), was the natural son (and second child) of Philip III, Duke of Burgundy, and one of his mistresses, Jeanne de Presle.[1] He was comte de La Roche (Ardenne), de Grandpré, de Sainte-Menehould et de Guînes, seigneur de Crèvecoeur, Beveren et Tournehem, and chevalier of the Golden Fleece.

Antoine de Bourgogne
Picardy, Burgundy
Died5 May 1504
Tournehem, Calais
SpouseMarie de la Viesville
FatherPhilip the Good
MotherJeanne de Presle
ReligionRoman Catholicism

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