Arcadius (Greek: Ἀρκάδιος, translit. Arkádios; c. 377 – 1 May 408) was Roman emperor from 383 to 408. He was the eldest son of the augustus Theodosius I (r. 379–395) and his first wife Aelia Flaccilla, and the brother of Honorius (r. 393–423). Arcadius ruled the eastern half of the empire from 395, when their father died, while Honorius ruled the west. A weak ruler, his reign was dominated by a series of powerful ministers and by his wife, Aelia Eudoxia.[2]

Idealising bust of Arcadius in the Theodosian style combines elements of classicism with the new hieratic style (Istanbul Archaeology Museum)
Roman emperor
(in the East)
Augustus16 January 383 – 1 May 408
PredecessorTheodosius I
SuccessorTheodosius II
Co-rulersTheodosius I (383–395)
Honorius (West, 393–408)
Theodosius II (402–408)
Bornc. 377[1]
Died1 May 408 (aged c. 31)
SpouseAelia Eudoxia
FatherTheodosius I
MotherAelia Flaccilla
ReligionNicene Christianity