Armed Forces of Malta

The Armed Forces of Malta (Maltese: Forzi Armati ta' Malta) is the name given to the combined armed services of Malta. The AFM is a brigade sized organisation consisting of a headquarters and three separate battalions, with minimal air and naval forces. Since Malta is the guardian of the European Union's most southerly border, the AFM has an active role in border control.[2]

Armed Forces of Malta
Forzi Armati ta' Malta
The coat of arms of the Armed Forces of Malta.
Founded19 April 1973
Service branchesHeadquarters
1st Regiment
3rd Regiment
4th Regiment
Maritime Squadron
Air Wing
WebsiteOfficial Website
President of MaltaGeorge Vella
Minister for Home Affairs, National Security & Law EnforcementByron Camilleri MP
Commander of the Armed ForcesBrigadier Jeffrey Curmi
Military age18 years of age
Available for
military service
235,205, age 15–54 (2020 est.)
Fit for
military service
155,329, age 15–54 (2020 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
(2020 est.)
Active personnel1,692 (2017)[citation needed]
Budget€54 million (2020)[1]
Foreign suppliers United Kingdom
 United States
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