Armistice of Cassibile

The Armistice of Cassibile[1] was an armistice signed on 3 September 1943, and made public on 8 September, between the Kingdom of Italy and the Allies during World War II.

After the signing at Cassibile on 3 September 1943.
From left to right: Kenneth Strong, Giuseppe Castellano, Walter Bedell Smith and Franco Montanari.

It was signed by Major General Walter Bedell Smith for the Allies and Brigade General Giuseppe Castellano for Italy at a conference of generals from both sides in an Allied military camp at Cassibile, in Sicily, which had recently been occupied by the Allies. The armistice was approved by both the Italian King Victor Emmanuel III and Marshal Badoglio, the Prime Minister of Italy at the time.

After that, Germany moved rapidly, freeing Benito Mussolini and attacking Italian forces in Italy, southern France and the Balkans. The Italian forces were quickly defeated, and most of Italy was occupied by German troops, who established a puppet state, the Italian Social Republic. The king, the Italian government, and most of the navy, escaped to territories occupied by the Allies.