Military brat

A military brat (colloquial or military slang) is a child of serving or retired military personnel. Military brats are associated with a unique subculture[1] and cultural identity.[2][3][4][5] A military brat's childhood or adolescent life may be immersed in military culture to the point where the mainstream culture of their home country may seem foreign or peripheral.[2][3][4][5] In many countries where there are military brat subcultures, the child's family moves great distances from one non-combat assignment to another for much of their youth.[2][3][4][5] For highly mobile military brats, a mixed cultural identity often results, due to exposure to numerous national or regional cultures.[2][3][4][5]

A military brat of a serviceman in the Armed Forces of Belarus

Within military culture, the term military brat is not considered to be a pejorative (as in describing a spoiled child), but rather connotes affection and respect.[2][3][4][6]

War-related family stresses, including long-term war-related absence of a parent, as well as war aftermath issues, are common features of military brat life in some countries, although the degree of war-involvement of individual countries with military brat subcultures may vary.[2][3][4][5]