Arsinoe III of Egypt

Arsinoe III Philopator (Ancient Greek: Ἀρσινόη ἡ Φιλοπάτωρ, which means "Arsinoe the father-loving", 246 or 245 BC – 204 BC) was Queen of Ptolemaic Egypt in 220 – 204 BC. She was a daughter of Ptolemy III and Berenice II.[1] She was the first Ptolemaic queen to bear her brother's child. Arsinoe and her spouse Ptolemy IV were loved and well respected by the Egyptian public.[2]

Arsinoe III Thea Philopator
Queen of Egypt
Obverse of coin depicting Arsinoe III
Bornc. 246–245 BC
Died204 BC
SpousePtolemy IV
IssuePtolemy V Epiphanes
Arsinoe III Thea Philopator
FatherPtolemy III
MotherBerenice II