Art dealer

An art dealer is a person or company that buys and sells works of art, or acts as the intermediary between the buyers and sellers of art.

Portrait of Jacopo Strada by Titian, 1567
At the art dealer by Max Gaisser, 1889

An art dealer in contemporary art typically seeks out various artists to represent, and builds relationships with collectors and museums whose interests are likely to match the work of the represented artists. Some dealers are able to anticipate market trends, while some prominent dealers may be able to influence the taste of the market. Many dealers specialize in a particular style, period, or region. They often travel internationally, frequenting exhibitions, auctions, and artists' studios looking for good buys, little-known treasures, and exciting new works. When dealers buy works of art, they resell them either in their galleries or directly to collectors. Those who deal in contemporary art in particular usually exhibit artists' works in their own galleries. They will often take part in preparing the works of art to be revealed or processed.[1][2][3]

Art dealers' professional associations serve to set high standards for accreditation or membership and to support art exhibitions and shows.[4]

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