Arup Manufacturing Corporation

Note: for the civil engineering services company, see Arup Group Limited

Arup Manufacturing Corporation
TypeAircraft Manufacturer
PredecessorMonowing Aircraft Corporation
Key people
Dr. C.L. Snyder
ProductsArup S-1, Arup S-2, Arup S-3, Arup S-4 aircraft.

Arup Manufacturing Corporation was an American aircraft manufacturer of tailless aircraft.[1]


Dr. C.L. Snyder experimented with tailless aircraft starting with a 1926 glider called the Dirigiplane. The aircraft used a Clark Y airfoil that could be filled with helium gas to assist with lift.[2][3] Snyder formed the Monowing corporation to further develop the aircraft.[4] The design progressed into the Arup S-1 design and the formation of Arup Manufacturing.

In 1934, Snyder's chief engineer, Raoul J. Hoffman left the company to create a similar design, the Hoffman Flying Wing. His breakaway project ended with the crash of the prototype from an onboard fire.[5]


Summary of aircraft[citation needed]
Model name First flight Number built Type
Arup S-1 1926 1 Tailless aircraft
Arup S-2 1933 1 Tailless aircraft
Arup S-3 1934 1 Blended wing
Arup S-4 1935 1 Blended wing


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