Asahi Breweries

Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. (アサヒグループホールディングス株式会社, Asahi Gurūpu Hōrudingusu kabushiki gaisha) is a Japanese global beer, spirits, soft drinks and food business group headquartered in Sumida, Tokyo.

Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.
Native name
TypePublic (K.K)
TYO: 2502
TOPIX Large 70 Component
PredecessorOsaka Breweries, Ltd
Founded1889; 133 years ago (1889)
Key people
Akiyoshi Koji (President and Representative Director, CEO)
ProductsBeer, beverages
Revenue ¥2.120 trillion (2018)[1]
¥221.383 billion (2018)
¥150.938 billion (2018)
Total assets ¥3.079 trillion (2018)
Total equity ¥1.149 trillion (2018)

In 2019, the group had a revenue JPY 2.1 trillion. Asahi's business portfolio can be segmented as follows: alcoholic beverage business (40.5%), overseas business (32%), soft drinks business (17.2%), food business (5.4%) and "other" business (4.9%).[2] Asahi, with a 37% market share, is the largest of the four major beer brewers in Japan followed by Kirin Beer with 34% and Suntory with 16%.[3] In response to a maturing domestic Japanese beer market, Asahi broadened its geographic footprint and business portfolio inorganically through the acquisition of highly coveted beer businesses in Western Europe and Central Eastern Europe.[4] This has resulted in Asahi having a large market share in many European countries, such as a beer market share of 44% in the Czech Republic, 32% in Poland, 36% in Romania, and 18% in Italy.[5]

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