Asian Handball Federation

The Asian Handball Federation (AHF) (Arabic: الاتحاد الآسيوي لكرة اليد) is the governing body of handball and beach handball in Asia. It has 44 member countries, mostly located on the Asian continent, but excludes the transcontinental countries with territory in both Europe and Asia – Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russian Federation and Turkey – which are instead members of European Handball Federation (EHF). Three other states located along the western fringe of Asia – Cyprus, Armenia and Israel – are also EHF members. Hong Kong China and Macau, although not independent countries (both are Special regions of China), are also members of the AHF.

Asian Handball Federation
Arabic: الاتحاد الآسيوي لكرة اليد

Other Sports
Year of formation26 August 1974; 46 years ago (1974-08-26)
at Tehran, Imperial State of Iran
Membership size44 Members
International federationInternational Handball Federation (IHF)
IHF member since1974
Other affiliation(s)
President Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah
1st Vice-President
  • Yoshihide Watanabe
  • South Surrah, Al-Salam Area, Block 7, Street No. 705, Villa 508
Country Kuwait
Secretary General Muhammad Shafiq
Official Language(s)English (Official)
Arabic (Also used for correspondences)
Number of staff8
SponsorsAl Kass Sports Channels
SK Group
Molten Corporation

One of IHF's six continental confederations, the AHF was formed officially on 26 August 1974 in Tehran (Imperial State of Iran), on the sidelines of the 7th Asian Games 1974. The AHF headquarters is located in Kuwait City (Kuwait). Its current President is Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah from Kuwait who is a member of House of Al Sabah, the ruling family of Kuwait.


The Asian Handball Federation (AHF) is in one way absolutely unique: during its history till date it had two Presidents - and they were father and son.

When in 1976 the federation was officially founded and Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah was elected for president, the committed Sheikh had already put a lot of efforts and preparation work into it. In 1974, during the 7th Asian Games in Tehran (Iran), he applied as head of the Kuwaiti delegation at the executive committee for the inclusion of Handball into the sports programme and the foundation of a continental handball federation. The explanation was easy and convincing: meanwhile handball was widely spread in Asia. The leaders of the Asian Game accepted handball as an official sport and asked the Sheikh to act as interim president and to prepare the statutes of the federation. In this task he was supported by the Secretary General Syad Abul Hassan (Pakistan).[1]


S. No.NameTenure
1. Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah26 August 1974 – 2 August 1990
Mohammed Ali Abul (Interim President)2 August 1990 – 1991
2. Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah1991 – present

Secretary generals

S. No.NameTenure
1. Syad Abul Hassan26 August 1974 – 2000
2. Dr. Roshan Lal Anand2000 – 25 October 2013
3. Muhammad Shafiq25 October 2013 – Till Date

Executive committee

Following is the AHF Executive Committee for 2017 – 2021.

President Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah
1st Vice-President Yoshihide Watanabe
Secretary General Muhammad Shafiq
Treasurer Bader Mohammad Al-Theyab
Member Ahmed Mohamed Abdulrab Al-Shaabi


Following is the AHF Council for the term 2017 – 2021.

President Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah
1st Vice-President Yoshihide Watanabe
Vice-President Alireza Rahimi
Ahmad Mohammed Al-Shaabi
Abdullah Ashour
Ali Mohamed Isa Eshaqi
Secretary General Muhammad Shafiq
Treasurer Bader Mohammad Al-Theyab
Council Member Ameen Al-Barwani
Sombat Kuruphan
Mohammed Julfar
Choi Jung-suck
Amarta Imron
Female Council Member Gulnara Turlykhanova
Chairman of AHF Commission of Organizing and Competition (COC) Abdul Karim Al-Raee
Chairman of AHF Playing Rules and Referees Commission (PRC) Saleh bin Ashour
Chairman of AHF Commission of Coaching and Methods (CCM) Prof. Dr. Chung Hyung Kyun
Chairman of AHF Medical Commission (MC) Shizou Sakamoto
Chairman of AHF Promotion and Public Relations Commission (CPP) Dr. Sari Hamdan Ghanima
Chairman of AHF Marketing Commission (MKC) Mohammad Jaber Al-Mulla
Chairman of AHF Under Development Countries Commission (UDC) Ismoiljon Matkhalikov
Chairman of AHF Commission of Youth and School Handball (CYSH) Salam Awad Dwaich


AHF Commission of Organizing and Competition (COC) Abdul Karim Al-Raee
COC Members
  • Issa Abdullah Al-Jabri
  • Ahmad Darwich
  • Faisal Baqer
  • Dr. Anandeshwar Panday
  • Noboru Goto
  • Qiao Cheng
  • Ms. Hong Jeong-ho
AHF Playing Rules and Referees Commission (PRC) Saleh bin Ashour
PRC Members
  • Khalaf Al-Enezi
  • Zuhir Samha
  • Dr. Zain Al-Abedin Bani Hani
  • Wu Ruiting
  • Minoru Nakada
  • Dr. Chatchai Sangsukeelux
AHF Commission of Coaching and Methods (CCM) Prof. Dr. Chung Hyung Kyun
CCM Members
  • Alireza Habibi
  • Amjad Karwani
  • Dr. Nabeel Taha Al-Shehab
  • Dr. Taiysir Mansi
  • Dhafer Sahib Mohammed
AHF Medical Commission (MC) Shizou Sakamoto
MC Members
  • Dr. Mohammad Saeid Rajaei
  • Dr. Hussein Al-Haddad
AHF Promotion and Public Relations Commission (CPP) Dr. Sari Hamdan Ghanima
CPP Members
  • Helmi Cheaib
  • Husain Al-Asfoor
  • Othman Al-Qasmi
  • Ameen Al-Muddaeai
  • Ms. Mitra Nouri
  • Matar Al-Zarraa
  • Kareem Abdullah Al-Rammahi
AHF Marketing Commission (MKC) Mohammad Jaber Al-Mulla
MKC Members
  • Daulet Turlykhanov
  • Tamim Sulaiman
  • Abed Naji Oudah
  • Dr. Nasser Saab Al-Shammari
  • Nasir Al-Hammadi
  • Ms. Vivin Cahyani
AHF Under Development Countries Commission (UDC) Ismoiljon Matkhalikov
UDC Members
  • Hamza Saleh Hamza
  • Jamal Abuyousef
  • Ms. Nour Obeidat
  • Tej Bahadur Gurung
  • Francis Gihan Dalpethado
  • Ms. Mavjuda Matkhalikova
  • Kim Kwang-su
AHF Commission of Youth and School Handball (CYSH) Salam Awad Dwaich
CYSH Members
  • Moosa Al-Bulushi
  • Ms. Joanna Franquelli
  • Ms. Samha Salem Al-Ajmi
  • Ms. Abeer Ali Al-Zadjali
  • Mustafa Masyhur
  • Ms. Yang Li
AHF Arbitration Commission (AC)
AC Members
  • Dr. Abdulla Musfir Al-Hayyan
  • Ms. Roya Rahimi
AHF Experts Commission (EC)
EC Members
  • Dr. Khalid Al-Sharji
  • Abdullah Al-Theyab
  • Ali Hassan Al-Aliwat
  • Nasir Herz Allah
  • Ms. Oh Seong-ok
  • Yoon Kyung-shin
  • Ms. Nasrein Abuhashieh
  • Li Zhiwen
  • Nabeel Bin Ashour
  • Ulugbek Ikromov
AHF Women's Commission (WC)
WC Members
  • Mrs. Gulnara Turlykhanova
  • Ms. Nguyễn Thị Như Quỳnh
  • Ms. Valentina Degtyareva
  • Ms. Mona Khalil Kamal
  • Ms. Dalal Mohammad
AHF Beach Handball Working Group (BHWG)
BHWG Members
  • Ismail Salem Mohammad
  • Fadhil Ahmed Baqer
  • Muhammad Imran
  • Dr. Mutasem Ahmad Khatatbeh
  • Ms. Long Peili
  • Ms. Sirintra Poburipanich






West Asia

South Asia

  • South Asian Men's Handball Championship
  • South Asian Women's Handball Championship
  • South Asian Games

Southeast Asia

  • Southeast Asian Games

East Asia

  • East Asian Games

Current champions

Category Men's Women's
Senior Handball Championship  Qatar (2020) (4)  South Korea (2018) (14*)
Asian Games  Qatar (2018) (2)  South Korea (2018) (7*)
Junior Handball Championship  South Korea (2018) (3)  South Korea (2019) (15*)
Asian Youth Games  Qatar (2013) (1*)  South Korea (2013) (1*)
Youth Handball Championship  Bahrain (2018) (2)  South Korea (2019) (8*)
Beach Handball Championship  Qatar (2019) (5*)  China (2019) (1)
Asian Beach Games  Qatar (2016) (3*)  Vietnam (2016) (1)
Youth Beach Handball Championship  Thailand (2016) (1*)  China (2016) (1*)
Club Handball Championship Al-Arabi SC (2019) (1) Kaysar Club (2019) (2*)

(Titles) (*) Record titles


A dispute arises between the International Handball Federation (IHF) and the AHF following a controversial decision to replace referees of opening match of Asian Men's Handball Qualification Tournament for the 2008 Summer Olympics between Kuwait and South Korea played on 1 September 2007 in Toyota (Japan). AHF replaced experienced and IHF nominated German referees Lemme and Ulrich with Jordanian referees Al-Shoubaki and Hirzallah, neither of whom stood on the list of IHF-qualified referees having “IHF Status”, meaning that they had not completed the Global Referees Training Programme (GRTP), a program established by the IHF for the development of IHF-level referees. The Jordanian referee pair completely destroyed the South Korean team with more than 20 wrong decisions only in first half of the match which favoured the Kuwaiti team. IHF COC Chairman Aleksandr Kozhukhov (Russia) who was appointed by IHF as supervisor for the event and member of AHF Technical Committee Khalaf Al-Enezi (Kuwait) intervened into the matter at half-time of the match and asked the referees to be fair but the South Korean team nevertheless could not get the result in their own favour losing the match by 28–20.

Later, on 17 December 2007, in an IHF Council meeting held in Paris (France), IHF decided not to approve the results of the event conduct by AHF and decided to replay both men's and women's events due to biased referee allegations. AHF objected against this decision and warned all the AHF member federations not to participate in the replay organised by IHF. Only South Korea and Japan participated in the IHF replay and South Korea won both men's and women's matches. On February 5, 2008, AHF imposed a fine of $1000 on both the Japan and South Korea and banned them from participating in any event organised by AHF until the fine is paid.[2]

When the matter becomes that complicated, both AHF and IHF mutually decided to took the case to Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) for decision. The Kazakhstan Handball Federation and Kuwait Handball Association also want to become a party in the case but CAS refused their appeal. On 20 May 2008, after hearing all the parties, CAS decided to approve the result of IHF men's replay and also approved the AHF organised women's event results.[3]

Future events

2020 Asian Beach GamesSanya  ChinaPostponed due to COVID-19 pandemic, new dates to be decided yet
2020 Asian Women's Club League Handball ChampionshipAlmaty  Kazakhstan27 June – 4 July 2021
2020 Summer OlympicsTokyo  Japan23 July – 8 August 2021
2021 Asian Youth GamesShantou  China20 – 28 November 2021
2021 Southeast Asian GamesHanoi  Vietnam21 November – 2 December 2021
2021 World Women's Handball Championship Spain2 – 19 December 2021
2022 World GamesBirmingham  United States7 – 17 July 2022
2022 Women's Youth World Handball Championship GeorgiaJuly/August 2022
2022 Women's Junior World Handball Championship SloveniaJuly/August 2022
2022 Islamic Solidarity GamesKonya  Turkey9 – 18 August 2022
2020 Asian Youth Beach Handball ChampionshipDoha  QatarAugust/September 2022
2022 Asian GamesHangzhou  China10 – 25 September 2022
2021 Youth Beach Handball World ChampionshipNazaré  Portugal2022
2023 World Men's Handball Championship Poland /  SwedenJanuary 2023
2023 Southeast Asian GamesPhnom Penh  Cambodia5 – 15 May 2023
2023 Men's Youth World Handball Championship CroatiaJuly / August 2023
2023 Men's Junior World Handball Championship GermanyJuly / August 2023
2023 World Women's Handball Championship Denmark /  Norway /  SwedenNov/Dec 2023
2021 South Asian GamesPunjab  PakistanNovember/December 2023
2024 Women's Junior World Handball Championship North MacedoniaJuly / August 2024
2024 Summer OlympicsParis  France2 – 18 August 2024
2025 World Men's Handball Championship Croatia /  Denmark /  NorwayJanuary 2025
2025 Men's Youth World Handball Championship SloveniaJuly / August 2025
2025 Men's Junior World Handball Championship PolandJuly / August 2025
2025 World Women's Handball Championship Germany /  NetherlandsNov / Dec 2025
2025 Southeast Asian GamesChonburi Province  Thailand7 – 19 December 2025
2026 Asian GamesNagoya  Japan19 September – 4 October 2026
2027 World Men's Handball Championship GermanyJanuary 2027
2027 World Women's Handball Championship HungaryDecember 2027
2028 Summer OlympicsLos Angeles  United States21 July – 6 August 2028


First level
Second level
Third level



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