FSUE Atomflot

FSUE Atomflot (Russian: ФГУП «Атомфлот») is a Russian company and service base that maintains the world's only fleet of nuclear-powered icebreakers.[1][failed verification] Atomflot is part of the Rosatom group, and is based in the city of Murmansk.[2]

FSUE Atomflot
TypeFederal State Unitary Enterprise
IndustryNuclear icebreakers
Number of employees
WebsiteOfficial website (Russian)

As of September 2020, the company operates a fleet of five nuclear-powered icebreakers, including the world's largest, the Arktika, which joined the fleet on her maiden voyage.[3]

The company employs between 1,000 and 2,000 people. The company has a ship to transport radioactive waste, and another to monitor radiation. It also maintains a museum ship, the Lenin.

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