Attack on Camp Massart

The Attack on Camp Massart[lower-alpha 1] took place on 16 December 1961 and was an attack on Camp Massart, the heavily defended main base of the Katangese Gendarmerie during the Congo Crisis. The attack was part of Operation Unokat which aimed to break the roadblocks set up by the gendarmerie by the end of November 1961 and at the same time stop Katangese President Moïse Tshombe's opposition to the UN. In a coordinated offensive, Swedish troops captured Camp Massart; Irish troops attacked the railway tunnel; the Indian contingent created diversionary attacks and blocked fleeing Katangese forces; and the Ethiopian forces secured the western part of the city.[6] The attack on Camp Massart begun in the early hours of 16 December and ended at around 1 pm when the Swedes captured the camp. Between 10 and 20 Gendarmes were killed in the attack. One Swedish soldier was killed and five were injured.

Attack on Camp Massart
Part of Operation Unokat and the Congo Crisis
Date16 December 1961
Result ONUC victory

United Nations ONUC

State of Katanga State of Katanga

Commanders and leaders
Jonas Wærn
Ulf Mide
Moïse Tshombe
3 companies[1] 350 men[1]
Casualties and losses
  • 10[4]-20[3] killed
  • Unknown wounded
  • 8 captured[4]

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