Attorney-General of the Northern Territory

The Attorney-General of the Northern Territory, in formal contexts also Attorney-General or Attorney General for the Northern Territory, is the primary Law Officer of the Crown in the Northern Territory. The Attorney General serves as the chief legal and constitutional adviser of the Government of the Northern Territory and administers their portfolio through the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice.

Attorney-General of the
Northern Territory
Selena Uibo

since 7 September 2020
Department of the Attorney-General and Justice
StyleThe Honourable
Member of
Reports toChief Minister of the Northern Territory
SeatDarwin, Northern Territory
NominatorChief Minister of the Northern Territory
AppointerAdministrator of the Northern Territory
on the advice of the chief minister
Term lengthAt the Administrator's pleasure
First holderPaul Everingham

Selena Uibo is the current Attorney-General, having been sworn in on 7 September 2020.

List of Northern Territory Attorney-Generals

 Paul EveringhamCountry Liberal Party1978–1982
 Jim RobertsonCountry Liberal Party1982–1984
 Marshall PerronCountry Liberal Party1984–1986
 Daryl ManzieCountry Liberal Party1986–1992
 Shane StoneCountry Liberal Party1992–1993
 Daryl ManzieCountry Liberal Party1993–1994
 Fred FinchCountry Liberal Party1994–1995
 Stephen HattonCountry Liberal Party1995–1996
 Denis BurkeCountry Liberal Party1996–1997
 Shane StoneCountry Liberal Party1997–1999
 Denis BurkeCountry Liberal Party1999–2001
 Peter ToyneAustralian Labor Party2001–2006
 Syd StirlingAustralian Labor Party2006–2007
 Paul HendersonAustralian Labor Party2007
 Chris BurnsAustralian Labor Party2007–2009
 Marion Scrymgour [1st female]Australian Labor Party2009
 Delia LawrieAustralian Labor Party2009–2011
 Rob KnightAustralian Labor Party2011–2012
 John ElferinkCountry Liberal Party2012–2016
 Natasha FylesAustralian Labor Party2016–2020
 Selena UiboAustralian Labor Party2020–present

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