Auckland Island

Auckland Island (Māori: Mauka Huka) is the main island of the eponymous uninhabited archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the New Zealand subantarctic area. It is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list together with the other New Zealand Subantarctic Islands in the region.

Mauka Huka Auckland Island
Mauka Huka
Mauka Huka Auckland Island
New Zealand Subantarctic Islands
Coordinates50.69°S 166.08°E / -50.69; 166.08
ArchipelagoAuckland Islands
Area442.5 km2 (170.9 sq mi)
Length42 km (26.1 mi)
Width26 km (16.2 mi)
Highest elevation659 m (2162 ft)
Highest pointCavern Peak
New Zealand