Austria–United Kingdom relations

Austria–United Kingdom relations, (or Austrian-British relations), are foreign relations between Austria and the United Kingdom. Both nations are members of the Council of Europe.

Austrian-British relations


United Kingdom


Relations between the Austrian Empire and England were established in the Middle Ages although formal relations began only in 1799. The two nations were enemies during the First World War and the Second World War. The United Kingdom and Austria now have warm relations.

The President of Austria, Franz Jonas, paid a state visit to the United Kingdom in May 1966.[1] In May 1969, HM Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom paid a state visit to Austria.[2]

According to the 2001 UK Census, some 20,000 Austrian born people were living in the UK, which is actually a drop of around 5% from 1991, despite this there are also large but unknown numbers of British born people of Austrian descent.[3]


The Austrian ambassador to the United Kingdom is Michael Zimmermann, he took up his post in August 2018.[4] The British ambassador to Austria is Leigh Turner who took up his post in August 2016.[5]

Resident diplomatic missions

  • Austria has an embassy in London.
  • United Kingdom has an embassy in Vienna.

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