BBC Elstree Centre

The BBC Elstree Centre, sometimes referred to as the BBC Elstree Studios,[1] is a television production facility, currently owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The complex is located between Eldon Avenue and Clarendon Road in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England.

BBC Elstree Centre
Entrance to complex off Eldon Avenue
Former names
  • Neptune Film Studios
  • Blattner Studios
  • Rock Studios
  • British National Studios
  • National Studios (a.k.a. Fairbanks)
  • ATV Elstree Studios
Alternative names
  • Eldon Avenue Studios
  • Clarendon Road Studios
Etymologynamed after Elstree parish
General information
TypeTelevision production
LocationBetween Eldon Avenue and Clarendon Road in Borehamwood
AddressEldon Avenue
CountryUnited Kingdom
Coordinates51°39′35″N 0°16′29″W
Current tenantsBBC Studioworks
Inaugurated1914 (1914)

This site was the first of several such complexes colloquially referred to as "Elstree Studios" located in the area. Originally created as a film studio in 1914, the site was converted for use as a television studio in 1960, becoming the main television production site for Lew Grade's ATV franchise for the ITV network. After ATV became Central Television in the early 1980s and moved to a new Midlands-based complex, this site was sold to the BBC in 1984. It is currently a main production base for BBC Television, with the television studios being run by the BBC's commercial subsidiary BBC Studioworks, previously known as BBC Studios and Post Production.[1]

The BBC Elstree Centre site includes the external set for the long-running soap opera EastEnders[1] and, until December 2021, the medical drama Holby City. With the sale and partial demolition of BBC Television Centre in west London, BBC Television's original head office and primary TV production site, Studio D at Elstree has since been utilised for many of the BBC's large studio productions; such as Children in Need,[1] Comic Relief and the BBC's 2015 General Election coverage.

During the 2010s, BBC Studioworks began operating three additional sound stages, newly equipped for television, at the nearby Elstree Studios on Shenley Road.

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