Backyard cricket

Backyard cricket, also known as Bat ball, street cricket, beach cricket, corridor cricket, garden cricket, and box cricket (in instances of shorter grounds), is colloquially referred to as gully cricket in the Indian subcontinent. This informal variant of cricket is a universally inclusive game, welcoming all genders and ages. It is typically played in various non-traditional venues such as gardens, backyards, streets, parks, carparks, beaches, and any area not specifically designed for the sport.

Example of beach cricket being played at Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Australia. The bowler bowls to batter, while the rest field.

Backyard cricket has connotations to the pastimes of Australian, South African and New Zealander children who had large expansive backyards where they were able to play this informal game of sport often with friends, family and neighbors.[1] In the South Asian region, gully cricket is very popular.[2]

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