Banu Abs

The Banu Abs (Arabic: بنو عبس, lit. "sons of ʿAbs") are an ancient Bedouin tribe that originated in central Arabia. They form a branch of the powerful and numerous Ghatafan tribes. They still inhabit the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa but have spread to many other regions of the world, as well. Their descendants today include the large Bani Rasheed tribe located in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Eritrea, and Jordan, and the Banu Rawaha located mostly in Oman and the UAE. Parts of the Mahas tribe of the Butana region in Sudan are also linked by blood to the Banu Abs due to intermarriage between the Sudanese Rashaida tribe and the Mahas peoples. One of the earliest stories concerning this tribe was the famous classical love and war story of Antar and Abla.

Banu Abs
(Arabic: بنو عبس)
Ghatafan, Qays, Adnanite
LocationSaudi Arabia, Oman, Sudan, Eritrea, Kuwait, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt, Arab world, Malaysia, Europe, United States, Canada, Brazil
Descended fromAbs ibn Baghid ibn Rayth ibn Ghatafan
Populationest. 2,000,000
BranchesBanu Rasheed, Banu Rawaha, certain branches of the Mahas peoples
ReligionSunni Islam (Primarily), Christianity (Minority)