Banu Amilah

Banu 'Amilah (Arabic: بَنُو عَامِلَة, Banū ʿĀmilah), also spelled Amelah, are a South Arabian tribe that migrated from the towns of Bardoun, Yarim, Mayrayama and Jibla in the central highlands and the Raimah region in Yemen (Jabalan Al Ardaba, Jabalan Al Raymah).

They trace their genealogy back to 'Amilah whose real name is "al-Harith son of 'Afirah son of 'Udi son of Murrah son of 'Add son of Zayd son of Yashgub son of Zayd son of Kahlan"[1] who left Yemen after the fourth destruction of the Marib Dam around 200 B.C. They dwelled in Jordan and Syria settling the southern highlands and eastern valley of modern Lebanon.[2]