Banu Judham

The Judham (Arabic: بنو جذام, Judhām) was an Arab tribe that inhabited the southern Levant and northwestern Arabia during the Byzantine and early Islamic eras (5th–8th centuries). Under the Byzantines, the tribe was nominally Christian and fought against the Muslim army between 629 and 636, until the Byzantines and their Arab allies were defeated at the Battle of Yarmouk. Afterward, the Judham converted to Islam and became the largest tribal faction of Jund Filastin (district of Palestine).

Banu Judham
بنو جذام
Banner of Judham at the Battle of Siffin (657)
LocationSouthern Levant and Northwestern Arabia
Descended fromKahlan ibn Saba
ReligionPaganism, later Islam

The genealogical origins of the Judham are unclear. They may have been descendants of the northern Arabs, though the tribe itself claimed Yemenite (southern Arab) origins. However, this may have done to draw closer to their Yemenite allies in Syria.