Bar of Ireland

The Bar of Ireland is the regulatory and representative body for barristers practising law in Ireland, active since 1897. The General Council of the Bar of Ireland is composed of twenty-five members: twenty who are elected, four co-opted, and the Attorney-General, who holds office ex officio. Every year ten members are elected for two-year terms, five by senior counsel and five by junior counsel.

The Bar of Ireland
TypeBar association
PurposeAssociation of barristers
HeadquartersThe Distillery Building, Church Street, Dublin 7
Region served
Official languages
English and Irish
Maura McNally
Logo of the Bar of Ireland
The Bar of Ireland Headquarters, Dublin

The Bar of Ireland funds the Law Library, which has premises in Dublin in the Four Courts, Church Street, and the Criminal Courts of Justice, and also a smaller library in Cork. Nearly all barristers practicing in Ireland are members of the Law Library and is often used as a metonym for the Irish Bar itself. Before the creation of the Bar of Ireland in 1897, barristers in Ireland were only loosely organised through their occupation of the physical premises of the Law Library.