Battle of Delhi (1803)

The Battle of Delhi or Battle of Patparganj took place on 11 September 1803 during the Second Anglo-Maratha War, between British East India Company troops of the Bombay Army under General Lake, and Marathas of Scindia's army under General Louis Bourquin and Sardar Ravsaheb Wable.

Battle of Delhi
Part of the Second Anglo-Maratha War

Map of the Battle of Delhi (1803)
Date11 September 1803
Location28°36′45″N 77°17′30″E
Result British victory
British East India Company Maratha Confederacy
Commanders and leaders
Gerard Lake Daulat Rao Scindia
Louis Bourquin
4,500 17,000
Casualties and losses
estimated 464 - 485 men killed or wounded.[1][2] estimated 3,000 killed or wounded[3]
Location within Delhi
Delhi (India)

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