Battle of Fort Albany (1709)

The Battle of Fort Albany (about 26 June 1709) was an attack by French colonial volunteers and their native allies against the Canadian Hudson's Bay Company outpost of Fort Albany in the southern reaches of Hudson Bay. About 70 Frenchmen and 30 Indians attacked the fort, which was under the command of John Fullartine. Fullartine repulsed the attack, killing eighteen men including the leaders. He lost two men to ambush on their way back to the fort shortly after the attack.

Battle of Fort Albany
Part of Queen Anne's War

Detail from a 1779 map of eastern North America. Fort Albany is visible near the bottom.
Date26 June 1709
Result British victory
Hudson's Bay Company  France
Commanders and leaders
John Fullartine Nicolas de Manthet 
Unknown 70 French militiamen
30 Mohawk warriors
Casualties and losses
2 killed 18 killed

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