Battle of Kabalo

The Battle of Kabalo was a battle fought at Kabalo by United Nations peacekeeping forces and Baluba militias from 7 April to 11 April 1961 against mercenaries and the gendarmerie of the State of Katanga, a secessionist state rebelling against the Republic of the Congo in central Africa. The Katangese forces attacked the town as part of a larger offensive meant to restore their authority in northern Katanga which was challenged by the Baluba. A United Nations Operation in the Congo peacekeeping contingent garrisoning Kabalo, acting under the authority of their mandate to prevent civil war in the country, resisted the initial attack and arrested 30 mercenaries in Katanga's employ. Armed Baluba repelled a Katangese ferry carrying troops as well as an armoured train. The next day the ferry returned but was sunk by UN forces. Fighting continued over the next few days between the Baluba and Katangese until the latter withdrew. The battle led to a deterioration of relations between the Katangese government and the United Nations Operation in the Congo.

Battle of Kabalo
Part of the Congo Crisis
Kabalo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Date7–11 April 1961
Kabalo and surrounding area, State of Katanga
Result ONUC/Luba victory


Luba militia
Commanders and leaders
Alemu William Richard Browne  (POW)
R. Wauthier
400 ONUC troops
Unknown number of Baluba
1,000+ troops
Casualties and losses
5 ONUC soldiers killed
4 ONUC soldiers wounded
Unknown Luba casualties
Unknown gendarmes killed
3 gendarmes wounded
30 mercenaries captured
1 armed ferry sunk

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