Battle of Moclín (1280)

The Battle of Moclín, also known as the Disaster of Moclín, was a battle fought in the Granadian municipality of Moclín on 23 June 1280. The battle pitted the troops of the Emirate of Granada, commanded by Muhammad II, the Sultan of Granada, against those of the Kingdom of Castile and the Kingdom of León who were composed mainly of mercenaries and of members of the Order of Santiago, being commanded by the contemporary grand master of the order Gonzalo Ruiz Girón and by Sancho, son of King Alfonso X of Castile.

Battle of Moclín
Part of the Reconquista

The castle at Moclín.
Date23 June 1280
Location37°20′20″N 3°47′10″W
Result Granadan victory
Crown of Castile
Order of Santiago
Emirate of Granada
Commanders and leaders
Infante Sancho
Gonzalo Ruiz Girón
Muhammad II
Casualties and losses
More than 2,800 killed Figures unknown
Location within Province of Granada
Battle of Moclín (1280) (Spain)

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