Skirmish of Pastrengo (1848)

The Skirmish of Pastrengo was fought between the Piedmontese and Austrian army on 30 April 1848, in the course of the First Italian War of Independence.

Skirmish of Pastrengo
Part of the First Italian War of Independence

The charge of the carabinieri at Pastrengo by Sebastiano De Albertis
Date30 April 1848[1]
Result Sardinian victory[2]
Kingdom of Sardinia Austrian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Charles Albert
General Broglia
Marshal Wocher
Hauptmann Nagel 
13,700 engaged[8] 5,900[6][8]
well-entrenched posts [5]
Casualties and losses
15 killed[8][9]
90 wounded[8][9]
25 killed[7][8]
147 wounded[7][8]
341 captured[7][8]
42 missing[7]

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