Battle of Pine Island Ridge

The Battle of Pine Island Ridge was a battle during the Second Seminole War fought on March 22, 1838, at the site of what is now Pine Island Ridge, Florida.[2] According to US Army accounts, Major William Lauderdale surprised the Indians and drove them off Pine Island, which was an island in the Everglades at the time. However Seminole claim that scouts posted around the island had already alerted the Indians, allowing them to successfully evacuate the island.[3]

Battle of Pine Island Ridge
Part of Second Seminole War

Statue of Major William Lauderdale near the site of the battle.
DateMarch 22, 1838
Result American victory
 United States Seminole
Commanders and leaders
William Lauderdale Ar-pi-uck-i
500-600 50-100[1]
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

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